Create a Salesforce Chatter Post and Include a File 

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About Chatter Posts

You can use FormAssembly to post directly to any Salesforce Chatter feed and include a file that it is viewable from within Chatter.

Chatter posts are named FeedItem in the Salesforce API. 
Note: Prior to Salesforce API version 21.0 FeedItem was named FeedPost, as seen below

Chatter posts can be attached to any Salesforce record.

If Chatter is enabled for your Salesforce org, you will see the FeedItem object listed in the Salesforce Connector setup.

Create Chatter Post

  1. Lookup the record you want to attach to the FeedPost
  2. Setup the FeedPost object as a dependent object of the lookup.
  3. Map the required fields of the FeedPost object (Title & Description).
  4. If you want to include a file, map your attachment field to the "Content Data" and "Content File Name" fields.

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