Add Tags to Your Forms (Formerly Categories) 

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The easiest way to keep your forms organized, especially if you have a large number of forms, is to use FormAssembly's Tag feature.

This feature will allow you to add as many tags as you need to each of your forms in order to make it easier to find the form you're looking for.


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Adding Tags to your Forms

To add a tag to your form, click the grey tag button under the form responses link.

After clicking the tag link, you'll be able to add in single or multiple tags as well as a description for your form. Think of these tags like categories for your form, and all of the tags you add are easily searchable (see below).

Searching Tags

After you've added in tags to your form, you can search for your tags using the dropdown menu at the top of the Form List page. Additionally, you can use the search bar at the top right to find specific tags as well.

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