Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks


Using reCAPTCHA to Prevent Spam Submissions for Payment Connectors
Learn how to enable reCAPTCHA to prevent spam payment submissions.
Skipping Subscriptions or One-Time Charges in a Payment Connector
Learn how to skip one-time or recurring charges in your payment connector.
Using the Formula Editor within your Payment Connectors
Learn how you can add formulas into your payment connectors.
Using Connector Labels for your Payment Connectors
Learn how adding labels can help you keep your payment connectors organized.
Automatic Validation in Payment Connectors
Learn how our payment connectors will automatically validate the fields you have mapped.
Repeated Fields in Payment Connectors
Learn how you can use repeated fields in your payment connectors.
Create a 4 Digit CVV Code for American Express Cards and Accept Leading Zeroes
Learn how to create a 4-digit CVV code for American Express cards.
Payment Connectors and Email Notifications
Learn how to create custom email notifications for forms that are processing payments.
Skip Salesforce Connector Steps when No Payment is Made
Learn how to skip a step in your Salesforce connector when no payment is made.
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