Collect User Geolocation Data with Predefined Content 

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You have the option to collect geolocation data from respondents filling out your forms.  This can be useful if you would like to automatically insert location data from your form respondents into your form.

As long as respondents click "allow" for their browser to collect location data, it can be automatically added into your form by following the steps below.

Please Note:  This feature is currently under maintenance and not readily available.

Collecting Geolocation Data

In the form builder, go to Add contentMoreLocation servicesUser geolocation. This will automatically add in 4 visible fields and 2 hidden fields:

Note: If you are an enterprise customer, this predefined content may not be automatically available in your instance. Please contact our support team for assistance in adding predefined content to your instance. However, this is not currently available as this feature undergoes maintenance. 

The "Geolocation - Longitude" and "Geolocation - Latitude" fields will be hidden from the respondent and used to automatically pull in location information. The other fields of Address, City, State, and Zip Code will also be automatically filled in, but they will be visible and editable by the respondent.  

In both cases, the form respondent will need to have given permission to their web browser to collect location information for this feature to work.

All six of these fields can be edited and/or deleted, just like normal fields that you have added to your form.

If you wish to no longer collect location data from form respondents, please be sure to remove these fields, including the two hidden fields for longitude and latitude.

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