Getting Around the New FormAssembly Interface 

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You may have noticed some pretty big changes to our FormAssembly interface lately! In this article, we've noted what's changed and provided some basic how-tos below.

All of our documentation has also been updated, but please let us know if we've missed anything or if you have any questions! 

Look for what you used to click on to learn the new path.

Edit in Form Builder 

When viewing the Forms List, click the Build button.

Clicking the Form Title

Now you can click Configure

Clicking Configure will take you to the Summary page and give you options for publishing, viewing, editing and more.

Using the Edit Button Navigation

Everything that used to be under the Edit button to configure and prepare your form can now be found through the Configure Button. 

To Clone (Copy), Archive, or Delete, use the more menu (▾) to the right of Configure.

Clicking Configure will take you to the Summary page and give you options for publishing, viewing, editing and more.

Display Options tab

Set the form's availability, enable save and resume and more.

Visit Configure → Processing.

Share tab 

Share your form with a colleague.

Visit Configure → Collaboration.

Catalog tab

Add your form to the Template Library.

Visit Configure → Collaboration.

Form Description 

Give your form a description to help you with future edits.

Visit Configure → Summary.

My Responses tab

To view the responses for each form, click the response links in the Forms List or on the Configuration page. 

The My Responses tab is now called Reports and has been completely redesigned. 

Here's a quick overview of the changes.

  • All the responses, complete or incomplete, are all available in the same page. 
  • The columns can be arranged in the order you would like. Learn more.
  • You can resize the columns.
  • The Aggregate view will be back in a later phase of improvements.

The Admin tab

Click your name in the top right, then select Admin Dashboard.

Aggregate charts

View the aggregates from the default report page.

Basic, Professional, & Premier Plan Video Walkthrough

Enterprise Video Walkthrough

Questions from Enterprise Users

Will the admin need to make and changes to our forms?

Nope!  You won't need to make any changes. Once you switch to the new interface, the only thing that will be changed is the form management interface. All your forms, connectors, notifications, and everything else you've setup will remain the same.

Will the new reports page allow us to search our responses?

We know that searching responses is high on many of our user's priority list. Unfortunately at this time, we won't be implementing this feature, but it is on our roadmap for development. More details will be coming on this soon!

Can we schedule response reports to be automatically created?

Unfortunately this isn't a feature that FormAssembly currently offers, however you can suggest it and vote for the feature on our Ideas Board

Will we need to re-authenticate our Salesforce connectors, or any of our other connectors?

Nope, not at all. Everything that you have currently setup and authenticated will remain that way, no need to redo what you’ve already set up.

Once our organization switches to the new interface, will our users be able to switch back and forth between the old (legacy) interface and the new (Gemini) interface?

Once your organization has made the switch to Gemini, all users will be locked into that interface and will not be able to switch back and forth.

If you have any other questions at all, send us a message through our live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the app!

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