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Welcome to Form Builder 5.0

We’ve redesigned the Form Builder to bring you a cleaner, faster, and more powerful user experience.

There are a number of user interface changes you’ll notice when you upgrade your existing forms built with Form Builder 4.4.0 and older, so here's a quick guide to what's changed in Form Builder 5. You can also watch our in-depth video walkthrough.

We’ve worked to make sure that upgrading your forms is seamless, and you shouldn’t see any changes in form layout or functionality when you upgrade to Form Builder 5. If you run into any issues while upgrading or using the new Form Builder, please chat with us or open a support ticket through the Help menu when logged into FormAssembly.

“Pin” the Add Content menu

Click the Add Content menu to “pin” it open. You’ll notice the dropdown arrow changes to a pin when you click Add Content.

Pinning the menu makes it easy for you to drag and drop content onto your form canvas.

▲ Dragging and dropping content from the pinned Add Content menu

Predefined Content

Predefined Content now looks and feels like a library, with folders to organize your content.

You can add descriptions for each piece of Predefined Content, which is useful for distinguishing between elements if you have a large library.

When you save new Predefined Content, you can now autocomplete an existing category.

Please note: You can no longer delete Predefined Content that you’ve created through the Manage Predefined Content window.

To delete the Predefined Content you’ve created, navigate to your Predefined Content in the Add Content menu, click Edit, and then click Delete.

Learn more about Predefined Content.

▲ Adding Predefined Content in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Adding Predefined Content in Form Builder 5

Theme Editor

The Theme Editor now lives inside the Form Builder! We moved it from the Themes dropdown menu to the Themes sidebar. You can now customize and save themes without leaving the Form Builder.

To choose a theme, click Themes, and you’ll see the Browse Themes panel. Choose a public theme, click Customize, customize the theme options, and save your copy.

▲ Customizing theme options

See our FAQ for themes in Form Builder 5.

Learn more about customizing themes.

If you’re an Enterprise user, learn more about creating themes.

Form Properties Sidebar

The Form Properties menu has moved from a dropdown menu to the sidebar.

Click Properties to open the Form Properties sidebar.

  • Default Layout is now in Properties ▶︎ Layout, where you can choose options for the default label position, default hint position, and more
  • Language is now in Name & Language ▶︎ Language
  • Custom Code is now at the bottom of the Properties sidebar
  • Form Name is now in Name & Language ▶︎ Name
  • Form Width is now in Layout ▶︎ Width

You’ll also have new options to edit your form's Contact Information link and add a GDPR Rights link.

Learn more about editing your form properties.

▲ Form Properties dropdown menu in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Form Properties sidebar in Form Builder 5.0

Editing the Form Name

Form Builder 5.0 is now smarter when you’re editing the Form Title!

When you change your Form Title in Form Builder 5, you’ll only be prompted to update the Form Name if your form title was the same as your form name.

Learn more about the difference between Form Title and Form Name.

▲ Changing your Form Title and updating your Form Name

Preview Buttons

The Preview button has moved from the View dropdown menu next to the Undo, Redo, and Save buttons on the top right of your form canvas.

The Target Device buttons for Computers, Tablets, and Phones have moved next to the Preview button on top of your form canvas.

The Preview buttons are now always accessible while you’re editing your form.

▲ Previewing your form in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Previewing your form in Form Builder 5.0

Outline Sidebar

The Form Outline has moved from the View dropdown menu to the sidebar.

Click Outline to open the Outline sidebar.

Now, you’ll see the field aliases next to your form content in the Outline, so it’s easy to reference the aliases while building your form.

▲ Outline in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Outline in Form Builder 5.0

Drag and Drop

With the Drag and Drop functionality in Form Builder 5.0, you’ll notice a few improvements.

Drag Handle

Now, you’ll need to use the drag handle to move form elements. This minimizes accidental dragging and dropping, and makes it easier for you to resize fields.

We’ve also updated the highlighted color for selected form content, and made it responsive to the form background color.

▲ Dragging and dropping content in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Dragging and dropping content in Form Builder 5.0

Drag and Drop Choices

You can no longer drag and drop multiple choices directly on the canvas, which makes it easier for you to move form content, and minimizes accidentally moving form content.

To reorder and rearrange the multiple choices for a question, select the question, and click Choices on the Editing Toolbar.

You’ll also see the field aliases next to the choices in the Edit Choices window, which is helpful for building out your form notifications and connectors.

Resize Label Width and Input Width

Select a question on your form canvas, and drag the arrows, to resize the label width and the input width.

We’ve also added two improvements:

  • You can also define specific widths in Field Properties ▶︎ Presentation in units such as px (pixels) and % (percent).

  • To reset the widths, clear the widths (delete the values) in Field Properties ▶︎ Presentation.

  • As you drag to resize the width, the Editing Toolbar will disappear to make it easier for you to compare the widths with other questions on your form.

  • You can now resize the widths for dropdown menus and multi-select lists, giving you more flexibility and control.

▲ Resizing field widths in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Resizing field widths in Form Builder 5.0

Edit the Link for a Repeatable Field or Section

Now you can edit the text for a repeat link directly in the form canvas.

Previously, you had to select the repeatable field or section, click Options, check the “Show advanced features” checkbox, expand the Repeatable Option, then edit the Text of repeat link.

In Form Builder 5, you no longer have to open the sidebar. Simply click on the repeat link to edit the text!

Learn more about repeatable fields and sections.

▲ Editing the repeat link in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Editing the repeat link in Form Builder 5.0

Autosuggest Menu

Autosuggest menus now support up to 20 columns in your dataset.

That means you can map up to 20 columns to existing form fields, or create new fields for your dataset columns.

Learn more about Autosuggest menus and datasets.

▲ Editing an Autosuggest menu

Other Improvements

Toggle Options instead of Checkboxes

In Form Properties and Field Properties, you’ll now toggle options on or off (enabled or disabled), instead of checking checkboxes for options.

Field Properties Tooltips

When editing Field Properties, the descriptions for each section have moved into tooltips. Hover over the (i) icon to learn more about each section.

Conditional Rules Editor

Now, when you edit conditional rules, the Conditional Rules Editor automatically opens into a larger view.

You’ll also see the question labels for the conditional triggers you’ve selected, as well as the selected choice when you’re editing a rule.

By default, you’ll only be able to select triggers from questions that are placed before your conditional field. This minimizes confusion for your respondents, as they may miss conditional fields that appear before the question they’re answering.

However, if you do need to set up conditional fields that show before conditional triggers, for instance, setting up hidden fields for form administrators, then you can still toggle the functionality by toggling “Show all choices” in the Advanced Options.

▲ Adding a conditional rule in Form Builder 4.4.0

▲ Adding a conditional rule in Form Builder 5.0

Field Aliases for Variables

Now, you can see the field aliases for each variable you’ve defined in the Form Builder.

Learn more about variables.

Preview Mode

Now, you can preview the Form Language setting in the Preview mode. Learn more about setting your form’s language.

You’ll also be able to use Date with Calendar fields in Preview mode. Learn more about setting up validation rules for date fields.

Copy Form Pages

To copy a page, select the page in the Outline or select the page on the canvas, then click Copy in the Editing Toolbar.

Please note: Your forms need to have at least two pages before you can copy a page.

Add an Image with a URL

Now, you can add images to your form by using the URL for an existing image, instead of uploading a brand-new file. Learn more about adding images.

Placeholder Text for Text Areas

You can now add placeholder text for multi-line text areas.

To add placeholder text, select a text area, click Options, expand the Contextual Help (Hint) section, and type in the Placeholder field.

Learn more about adding hints.

Cancel and Secondary Buttons Removed

Form Builder 5 does not support cancel and secondary buttons.  When you upgrade a form to Form Builder 5, any secondary buttons will be removed.  Cancel buttons are likely to decrease the usability of your form.  If you need a secondary call to action at the bottom of your form, we suggest using a text link.

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