Migrating to our new infrastructure 

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Upgrade Preparation

As you get ready for the move to our new infrastructure you may have a few questions about how the process works. This page will help answer a lot of those questions and step you through the migration and upgrade process.

Will there be any downtime and how long will it take?

While your data is being migrated to your new instance, there will be on average 1 hour of downtime. During this time, your existing instance and all of your forms will not be accessible, either by respondents visiting your forms/site or by administrators/members of your organization. If you have published forms on your website, those forms will still appear to respondents, but users who attempt to submit responses will not be able to do so and will instead receive an error message. Members of your organization who try to access the existing instance administratively will also receive an error message.

How do I prepare?

If you have your FormAssembly IP address whitelisted within other systems, like in the Salesforce Trusted IPs,  this new IP address will need to be listed to allow communication between servers.

If you have chosen to embed forms on your website, you may want to add temporary custom messages above or around those forms to notify respondents of the temporary downtime. Additionally, please make members of your organization aware of the downtime that will be caused by the update.

You'll want to confirm that all of your forms have SSL enabled. Having SSL enabled is a default for all new forms after August 2015. If your form loads at http:// instead of https://, you will need to enable SSL on that form.

Important Note for Custom Domain Customers:

For customers with custom domains, please lower the TTL for your custom hostname ahead of time. Depending on your current TTL, you will want to try to do this a week in advance before scheduling your migration. We recommend something between 60 and 300 seconds. Upon cutover to ECv3, you are going to have to change your DNS to  

Are there known issues with the migration?

Our systems team has addressed the primary issues that have arisen during the migrations conducted so far. However, all of our Enterprise users have different data, different needs, and different configurations—if you or your users experience incorrect or unexpected form behavior after migration, please let your Customer Success Specialist know directly or contact the Support team by emailing help@formassembly.com.

The migration and update is complete, what now?

While not required, we consider it a best practice to submit test responses to your active forms after the migration to ensure that they are still functioning optimally.  Also, if you haven't seen our Interface, feel free to familiarize yourself with the new interface by reviewing this article.

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