The One Form Series 

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The One Form Series is designed to explore how a single form can be used to meet a variety of use cases and needs. All three parts of the One Form Series are now available below.

Part 1 - Building the Form

Part 1 of the One Form Series covers how to build a form and focuses on topics like conditional sections and the Autosuggest feature.  These types of features are key when designing a form that meets a variety of different needs.  Styling the form is briefly discussed as well.

Part 2 - Form Management and Payment Connectors

Part 2 of this series looks at conditional email notifications, sending automatic email responses, and how to setup a payment connector. Formulas and redirect links are also addressed.

Part 3 - Connecting with Salesforce

Part 3 of this series explores how to create linked records, as well as how you can use skip-if formulas and dependent objects to create dynamic workflows within a single Salesforce connector.

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