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Welcome To FormAssembly! 

In welcoming you and your team to the FormAssembly community, we look forward to building a successful relationship together. This includes staying curious to understand your use cases and work with you to get the maximum value from your FormAssembly account. 

The first step to fully utilizing your FormAssembly Professional or Premier account is to join one of our Welcome Call Webinars. 

What Is A Welcome Call Webinar? 

The Welcome Call Webinar is a 60-minute interactive walkthrough led by Beenish Saeed, our Customer Onboarding Specialist, of the key features offered as part of our Professional and Premier plan. 

The webinar will also show insights into how our customers have implemented our innovative webform-building solutions and will be a great opportunity for you to ask questions regarding your form-building goals.

We recommend that you register for a Welcome Call Webinar as soon as you sign up for a 14-day FormAssembly Professional or Premier trial. 

Welcome Call Webinar Structure

Our Welcome Call Webinar spans key FormAssembly features, examples of successful use cases and an overview of our data compliance standards.  We will dedicate time in the end to live questions from FormAssembly users tuning in and will share the best contacts they can follow up with after the webinar. 

Topics & Questions Typically Covered

Existing Forms

  • How do I add validations to my form fields? 
  • How do we transfer forms?
  • How can I make a section repeatable? 


  • How can I integrate with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 
  • How can I take payments on a form? 
  • Do you integrate with MailChimp? 

Publishing Options 

  • Is it possible to publish a form on our website?
  • Are there restrictions on publishing forms? 

Security & Compliance 

  • How can I make my forms HIPAA compliant? 
  • Can you help me obtain a Service Level Agreement to use FormAssembly? 
  • Can we opt to store data in a location of our choice? 

Feature Inquiries

  • Does FormAssembly purge data? 
  • Can FormAssembly ________________?
  • How do I __________________________?

How Do I Register For A Welcome Call Webinar? 

Before The Welcome Call Webinar

In order to join one of our Welcome Call Webinars, please sign up for a FormAssembly Professional or Premier trial here. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a personal link to register for an upcoming Welcome Call Webinar. 

Register For Welcome Call Webinar 

Once you receive your personal registration link after signing up for a FormAssembly Professional or Premier trial, please click on the link to register for the webinar. Once you register, you will receive an email confirming the time and details you need to join the webinar.  

After The Welcome Call Webinar 

Our Customer Onboarding Specialist will follow up by email with a Welcome Call Webinar Follow-Up Kit, which will contain FormAssembly knowledge resources with documentation and videos to equip you with everything you need to build your forms. 

Additionally, we may also follow up with answers to any questions you may have requested. 

You can continue to ask our team questions anytime, before and after your Welcome Call Webinar, with our email and chat support. 

We look forward to working with you!

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