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Zapier is an online automation service that helps users connect different apps. By using Zapier, you can send data and information between services that may otherwise be unconnected.

FormAssembly currently has a beta integration with Zapier. You can use this integration to send form response data through Zapier to any of their other integrations. Please try out our beta version here.

NOTE:  Since this integration is still in beta, there may be issues that still need to be resolved.  We're unable to provide support for Zapier Beta until it is fully released and all issues have been resolved.

Connecting Zapier to FormAssembly

You should also be logged into your FormAssembly account prior to beginning this process.

To begin, click this link to accept the beta invite for FormAssembly's integration with Zapier. 

  1. After accepting the beta invite, you will need to sign into your Zapier account, or create a new one. Once you have accepted the invite, you will be taken to this screen.
  2. Click Connected Accounts to connect your account to your FormAssembly account.  
  3. Click on the most recent version.  In this case, FormAssembly (CLI) (1.0.1).
  4. A window will show asking you to allow Zapier access to your FormAssembly account.  In the Instance URL box, you'll type:
  5. Click Yes, Continue after you have entered in your Instance URL.
  6. Another window will pop up asking for Third-Party Application Authorization
  7. Click Authorize this application to continue.
  8. One final pop up asks you to confirm you want to authorize this application.
  9. Click Ok to proceed.
  10. Now under Connected Accounts, you'll see your new connection to FormAssembly from Zapier.

Create a Zap

  1. Click on the red Make a Zap! button from your Dashboard.
  2. The next step is to choose your App and Name your zap.  Type in the name you wish to give your zap in the box provided in the upper left corner.  Then click on the FormAssembly app to proceed.
  3. Currently, the only Zap trigger you can use with FormAssembly is New Form Response. This means that every time a form response is submitted (for the form you later select), it will trigger this Zap to run.  This will be auto selected for you.
  4. Click the blue Save + Continue button.
  5. Any connected accounts will be listed here.  Choose the account you wish to connect to, or connect another account, and click Save + Continue.
  6. Choose the Form you'd like to connect to this Zap by clicking on the form name.  You'll need a new Zap for each form you wish to set this up on.
  7. Click the blue Continue button.
  8. Next you'll pick a sample response to set up your Zap.  Click on the response you'd like to use as a sample.
  9. Click the blue Continue button.
  10. You're almost finished...  Now it's time to add an Action step.
  11. Click on the Your Zap currently lacks an Action step. Add one now! link to go directly to the Action items.
  12. This is where you can choose where you would like to have your form response data sent to, once the submission triggers your Zap to run.  It is important to move through all the steps (including the testing step) of the action step integration.

You can find more information on Zapier triggers and actions in the Zapier support documentation.

Troubleshooting Errors

If you receive this error on Step 8 where you'll be asked to select a sample response, it means your form does not have any responses.  There must be responses in the form to set up a Zap.

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