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During your FormAssembly journey, you may require a little bit of help when building your forms or creating your data collection process. We offer a number of resources to both new and existing customers which can help answer questions and improve your form building experience. 

FormAssembly Support

Our Support team is available 24/5 through chat and email and is dedicated to your success. We'll do our best to help you get the most out of FormAssembly by answering your questions, giving you tips and suggestions, and advocating for your needs. 

Meet the people behind FormAssembly.

Email Support

We provide free and unlimited support through our support request system. We do our best to answer as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, without canned answers or runarounds. Our Support Team is available beginning Sunday 8pm Eastern, through Friday 8pm Eastern US. 

You can reach out to our Email Support Team in one of the following ways:

  1. Our Support Team can be contacted easily via the blue Help menu within FormAssembly. Hover over the Help button and then select "Open a support request":
  2. You can also reach out to us through our Contact Form.

Chat Support

Our Chat Team will help point you in the right direction by giving you direct links to the specific information you need, or by opening an email support case to help your resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Our chat support option is only available for current customers. Chat is limited to US business hours; available Monday - Friday, 9am to 7pm, US Eastern.

Our chat is limited so that we can give you the attention you deserve while chatting. You can reach the Chat Team through the blue Help menu. If a member of our team is available for chat, you will see "Support Chat" listed:

If chat is unavailable, you will see this notice instead:

We recommend opening an email support ticket instead if chat is not available. 

Support Levels

We offer two levels of support, Basic and Priority. Basic Support comes free with every plan and can meet many of your support needs! However, if you'd like additional support options then Priority Support may be right for you. Priority Support comes with every Compliance Cloud plan, and can be added onto Enterprise Cloud plans. If you are on an Enterprise Cloud plan and would like to upgrade to Priority Support then you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details. If you need assistance contacting your Customer Success Manager then our Support team will be able to assist you!

You can learn more about Priority Support in this help document.

*US business hours only.
**Annual accounts only.

Service level agreements (SLA): First Response

Severity Descriptions

When opening a Support ticket, you'll be asked to describe the severity of your issue. In order for your issue to be properly addressed we recommend following these guidelines when selecting your severity:

Complete loss of application functionality and no available workaround (Platform outage, downtime)

Issue Examples:

  • App / Instance is down
  • Individual forms are down 
Severe loss of application functionality and no available workaround. Critical business process interruption.

Issue Examples:

  • Notifications are not being sent
  • Connectors are not processing responses
Minor loss of application functionality, inconvenient usage or performance degradation.

Issue Examples:

  • Occasional responses are not being processed
  • Enterprise related issues (user configuration, admin dashboard questions, etc.)
  • Payment connector questions (donations/payments are not going through, people are getting charged twice, etc.)
No significant loss in application functionality or workaround in need of permanent resolution. Product questions.

Issue Examples:

  • Form Builder questions (how to create conditional fields, how to use menu dependencies, how to use calculations, etc.)
  • Connector configuration questions (how to refresh schema, incorrect send-as values, how to map fields, how to link objects, how to reorder objects, etc.)
  • Processing configuration questions (save and resume, e-signature, etc.)
  • Notification configuration questions (email notifications, auto-responder, etc.)
  • Theme / Style / Branding questions (theme editor, adding custom branding, etc.)
  • Formula troubleshooting (how to write a skip-if formula, how to map formulas, etc.)


Welcome Calls are available if you are on an Enterprise Cloud or Compliance Cloud plan where you will be able to set up a more personalized Welcome Call with your Customer Success Manager. You can reach out to them for more details, or reach out to our Support team if you need assistance contacting your Customer Success Manager. 

We also offer a number of webinars and classes on various topics. A list of available webinars and classes can be found on our website

Implementation Services

You tell us what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll help suggest and bring to life the right solution for your unique business needs. Learn more here.

Our Implementation Services team provides services such as:

  • Form Building
  • Consulting Calls
  • Group Training
  • Form Review
  • Onboarding Implementation
  • Assistance with High-Volume Launches

Training Templates

Our Template Library isn't just for quickly building forms! It also includes a Training tab full of guides you can use to learn about popular features. Just save the template to your Forms List and follow along as each page of the form teaches you about various aspects of the topic feature. 


We welcome your feedback in our Roadmap! We'd love to hear how we can make FormAssembly better for you.

Status Page

You can subscribe to this page, or open the link anytime to view Maintenance & Outage Notifications:

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