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Our Promise

Our team is dedicated to your success. We'll do our best to help you get the most out of FormAssembly by answering your questions, giving you tips and suggestions, and advocating for your needs.

Meet the people behind FormAssembly.

How to Contact Us

1. Via Help in FormAssembly

Our Support Team can be contacted easily via the Help menu within FormAssembly.

2. Use our Contact Form

Help us understand more about how we can help with our Issue Reporting form.

2. Chat with Us

Our team will help point you in the right direction, giving you direct links to the specific information you need, or open a support case to help your resolve any issues as quickly as possible. 

If a member of our team is available for chat, you will see the chat button in the bottom right when logged into FormAssembly. Our chat is limited so we may give you the attention you deserve while chatting.

Chat is available Monday - Friday, 10am to 7pm, US Eastern.

Meet our Customer Success team.

Status Page

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Support Hours

We provide free and unlimited support through our support request system. We do our best to answer as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, without canned answers or runarounds.

Our support team is available beginning Sunday 8pm Eastern, through Friday 8pm Eastern US.

Chat is limited to US business hours; available Monday - Friday, 10am to 7pm, US Eastern.

You can also search the Resource Center for questions not specifically related to your account.

We welcome your feedback in our Roadmap! We'd love to hear how we can make FormAssembly better for you.

Use the Blue Help Button to reach out to our team or search for help without leaving the page.

Support Levels

+Available to Enterprise customers.  
*US business hours only.
**Annual accounts only.

24 x 7 Resource Center Access

Unlimited access to our video tutorials and recorded classes, along with troubleshooting tips and example use cases. Visit now.

24 x 7 Web Case Submission

Have a question? Submit a case to our team any time!

Live Chat Support (US only)

Chat with our team to help with quick suggestions or answer questions, or to open a support case. Chat is available 10am-7pm Eastern. 

24/5 Global Tech Support

With a remote team spread across the globe, our team is able to answer while you are working.

Online Classes

Get new ideas, learn about new features, or take a refreshers course! Our online classes are a great way to dive in. See our currently available classes.

Welcome Call

Get started down the right path with FormAssembly by meeting with a Customer Success Manager. They’ll answer your questions and direct you to specific resources to help you design the outcome you need. Learn more.

Account Reviews

Meet with your CSM to share your FormAssembly needs, hear what new features our team is working on, and get the most out of your FormAssembly account. Up to 4 calls per year with our Priority Support Package.

Go Live Review

Have your form reviewed and tested by a Customer Success Manager before setting it loose to your respondents. Learn more.

Case Escalation by Phone

Escalate an issue to a dedicated Customer Success Manager for High/Critical issues during US business hours (8am - 8pm ET), Monday to Friday, excluding major US holidays.

Priority Case Routing

Our team will review and respond to your case faster with Priority Case Routing.

Engineering Add-on

Escalate critical issues to our Engineering team 24/7.

Service level agreements (SLA): First Response

+Available to Enterprise customers.  

Severity Descriptions

Complete loss of application functionality and no available workaround (Platform outage, downtime)

Issue Examples:

  • App / Instance is down
  • Individual forms are down


Severe loss of application functionality and no available workaround. Critical business process interruption.

Issue Examples:

  • Notifications are not being sent
  • Connectors are not processing responses


Minor loss of application functionality, inconvenient usage or performance degradation.

Issue Examples:

  • Occasional responses are not being processed
  • Enterprise related issues (user configuration, admin dashboard questions, etc.)
  • Payment connector questions (donations/payments are not going through, people are getting charged twice, etc.)



No significant loss in application functionality or workaround in need of permanent resolution. Product questions.

Issue Examples:

  • Form Builder questions (how to create conditional fields, how to use menu dependencies, how to use calculations, etc.)
  • Connector configuration questions (how to refresh schema, incorrect send-as values, how to map fields, how to link objects, how to reorder objects, etc.)
  • Processing configuration questions (save and resume, e-signature, etc.)
  • Notification configuration questions (email notifications, auto-responder, etc.)
  • Theme / Style / Branding questions (theme editor, adding custom branding, etc.)
  • Formula troubleshooting (how to write a skip-if formula, how to map formulas, etc.)

Implementation Services

You tell us what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll help suggest and bring to life the right solution for your unique business needs. Learn more.

Priority Support

FormAssembly’s Priority Support option for Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers helps you get the support and the answers that you need. With extended hours, phone escalation options, a 1-hour guaranteed response time, and other options you can get your questions answered faster and move on with your workday sooner. Find out more.

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