Release Notes

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Release 5.45

07/15/2024Josh Strehle
5.45 Changes & Bugfixes Adding logging to support future maintenance of the platform 5.45.2 Changes & Bugfixes Fixed an issue for Prefill via URL not working in Workflow when the upgraded technology for our form viewer was introduced to som...

Release 5.44

07/12/2024Josh Strehle
Highlights The most recent Salesforce API version (v61) is now available for Salesforce connectors. Reported silent failures on Salesforce connectors are now resolved. Respondents should not encounter errors when submitting their responses ...

Release 5.43

06/27/2024Josh Strehle
Changes & Bugfixes Infrastructure updates to Form View

Release 5.42

06/28/2024Josh Strehle
5.42 Changes & Bugfixes Excel Connector performance improvements 5.42.1 Highlights Creating Excel Connectors now offers new controls and updated capabilities. Multiple Forms Mapping : No more one-size-fits-all approach! Now you can...

Release 5.41

06/25/2024Kayla Condello
Highlights Customers using SPF flattening or macros should be able to successfully verify a sender email address if our SPF record is published on their domain. Any new sender emails must go through the email verification process. Users c...

Release 5.40

05/29/2024Josh Strehle
Changes & Bugfixes Form response PDF attachments should now display clearly with no text overlay. Dynamic picklist field values should now load successfully regardless of the number of repeatable sections added by a respondent. Notificati...

Release 5.39

05/09/2024Josh Strehle
Highlights Phone Number and Job Title can be updated on the User Account page. Each limited license will now include an audit permission package in addition to a basic permission package.  Changes & Bugfixes Deleted responses with up...

Release 5.38

05/06/2024Josh Strehle
Highlights Customers in the monthly self-service plans can now switch between monthly and annual pricing on the Manage Subscription Page of the product. ...

Release 5.37

04/09/2024Josh Strehle
5.37.4  Highlights Google Sheets connector has moved to a new location in your licensing page, user management pages, and group management pages. 5.37.5 Highlights We've been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you some awesome upd...

Release 5.36

02/13/2024Josh Strehle
Highlights 5.36 We now have the Email Verification process for sender emails on Forms and Workflows, including validating if this email domain has an SPF configured. Reply-To fields have been added in all notification paths to allow alias su...
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