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This connector allows you to pull data from an LDAP or Active Directory for the currently authenticated users, and use that data to prefill a form. This connector must be used in conjunction with LDAP Authentication.


You'll need the Enterprise Plan and an LDAP service.

Configure the Connector

1. Set Up an LDAP Connection

An LDAP connection needs to be defined in your Enterprise instance in order for the LDAP Prefill Connector to work. 

If you haven't yet set up an LDAP connection, please see LDAP/Active Directory Authentication First Steps.

If you've successfully configured an LDAP connection to work with your instance, the server location of your LDAP connection will be displayed in the Basic LDAP configuration section of the connector.


2. Enable LDAP Authentication

In order to prefill your form with LDAP data from an authenticated user, you first need to enable and configure LDAP Authentication for your form.


3. Map the Fields

Now, with LDAP Authentication enabled, you'll select which form field corresponds to which LDAP attribute field (also known as field mapping).

Choose a field from your form, the datasource you'd like to map to the field, and then enter the formula or select the LDAP attribute value that you'd like mapped to the form field.

Both datasource options (Formula and LDAP Session) allow form aliases and formulas. However, the LDAP Session option will allow you to select from a list of attributes pulled from the LDAP directory.

Note: If you choose an LDAP Session attribute and then change the Datasource back to "Formula," the LDAP attribute will be converted to its form alias.

Click Map another field for each field in your form that you want to prefill. When you're finished, click Apply to save your field mappings.


Preselect a Multiple-Choice Answer

Preselected answer for multiple choice question

You can also preselect an answer for a multiple-choice question (radio buttons, checkboxes, list selects, and drop-down menus). The answer will be preselected depending on an LDAP attribute.

Mapping multiple choice fields

For example, here, we're mapping the Account Type question, which uses radio buttons. The form will check if the objectclass of an LDAP authenticated user is either 1, 2, or 3. Let's say that Sarah logs in with her user information, and her objectclass is 1. That means the form will preselect the "Student" answer for the Account Type question.

Note: You can preselect more than one answer by defining the same value for two or more answers. However, with radio buttons and drop-down menus, only one answer can be selected, so the preselected answer will be the last choice with the same value.

That means if you enter 1 for both "Student" and "Faculty," then "Faculty" will be preselected.

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