Conditionally Create or Update Records in Salesforce: Skip-if Formula 

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Prevent an object creation or update when a certain condition is met to avoid errors in Salesforce and also to define the connector logic to match your process needs.

For instance, on a job application there is a "Yes" checkbox to include a resume. Once clicked, a file upload appears. The file upload will create a Resume object.

Please Note: Skip-if logic cannot be used in combination with repeating sections. In general, formulas (including Skip-If formulas) will not work if the formula is referencing an alias in a repeating section.

Use the Skip-If

Check the but skip this step if... box and enter a formula to make this object conditional.

The formula must evaluate to a string value of either TRUE or FALSE, so an @IF statement is typically required:


If TRUE, this step, and any dependent step, will be skipped. Other non-dependent objects will still be processed.

If the formula returns FALSE, or no formula is specified, this object will be processed normally.

To base the condition on a form field value, use aliases, which are listed in a page linked at the bottom of the screen (Show the list of available aliases for this form).

For example, in the image above, the alias for the question is %%tfa_Upload%%. The condition is 'Skip if the upload field is empty'.

Note: You can also use the Formula Editor to make inserting aliases easier. Use the next to the formula field to launch the editor. 

Using a Checkbox Field in a Skip-If Formula

If you would like to use a checkbox field from your form to control whether a step is skipped or not, you should use the following format:


Where %%tfa_2%% is the field alias for the specific checkbox choice you would like to use to trigger the connector step to be skipped.

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