Skip Salesforce Connector Steps when No Payment is Made 

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If you are using any payment connector in conjunction with the Salesforce Connector, it may be helpful to skip certain steps in the Salesforce Connector if a payment is not made.

Provided you have your Salesforce Connector set up after the payment connector in the connector timeline, it is possible to use Skip-If formulas to skip certain Salesforce Connector steps when a payment is not made.

Details on this type of setup are explained below.  Please note, that these steps will not work with the PayPal Connector, as there are no PayPal aliases that can be referenced in the Salesforce Connector. 

Skipping a Salesforce Connector Step when there is No Payment

Every time you add a payment connector to a form, hidden fields are added to the end of your form. These fields can be viewed in the form builder. Provided a transaction occurs with the submission of your form, these fields collect payment-related information and IDs.

Therefore, it is possible to use a skip-if formula in your Salesforce Connector to say, "If one of these fields is blank, skip this step in the connector." In other words, if a transaction does not occur, you can mark specific connector steps to be skipped.

For example, when using the Stripe Connector, the "Payment Intent ID" field is automatically added to your form (along with other fields). If you would like to skip a step in your connector if the Payment Intent field is blank (i.e. no charge occurred), you would use the following Skip-If formula:


Where "XXXXX" equals the alias number the field has been assigned. If you do not know the alias number, you can find it using the Field Editor, or by clicking the link at the bottom of the form's notification page that reads "See list of available aliases for this form."

You can expand the logic of this formula to include @OR and @AND functions as well if you would like multiple conditions to be met before the connector step is skipped.

For example, if you are using the Stripe Connector and want both the "Payment Intent" and "Setup Intent" fields to be blank before a step is skipped, you would use the following formula:


If you have any questions about setting up these types of formulas, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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