Salesforce Error: Use one of these records? 

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Use one of these records?

Normally, this error relates to the Salesforce's Standard Duplicate rule.  If you have this rule enabled, it'll be showing an alert every time you are trying to create a duplicate record.

This issue can also be caused by a duplicate mapping in your connector.


Please check your duplicate rules depending on if you're trying to create a Lead, Contact, or Account.  The links below will help guide you:

  1. Duplicate Lead:
  2. Duplicate Contact:
  3. Duplicate Account:

You may check this in Salesforce under Setup > Data Management > Duplicate Management > Duplicate Rules.

If you do not have any duplicate rules set up, please double check your connector mappings for any duplicate mappings.  When the same field is mapped twice, it will throw an error.  Delete any duplicate mappings, save and re-test.

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