Salesforce Error: Required Fields are Missing 

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Required Fields are Missing

Salesforce objects in the connector have fields that are required. If the required fields are not mapped when the connector runs, it will give this error.  

This error means that either a mapping was missing in a step of your connector, the field was missing in the response, or there is an issue with your Skip-If formula if you're using one.


Field not Mapped

To find out which fields are required, go to the Go to... menu at the top right of the connector of the connector and click Salesforce Object Reference.

The required field rows will say Required in the far right column.

To map the required fields in the connector, click "Map Another Field" within the object and choose the field that is required to be mapped by Salesforce.

Field not in the response

Make sure the field is set as required so the respondent is required to fill in this information.

Skip-If Formula

If you're using a Skip-If formula in this connector, double check to make sure that the formula is correct.  Please review this document for assistance.

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