Multi-Page Forms 

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Add a Page

To separate your form into multiple pages, go to the Add Content menu and hover over Section, then choose Page. The page will be added at the end of your form.

Delete a Page

To delete a page and all its contents, open the Outline view, click on the page title, and click the Delete button on the floating toolbar.

To work within another page of your form, you can use the Jump to page navigation just above the form on the right.

You may also select a page in the the outline, or use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each page.

Move Content Between Pages

If you add new content to your form, the elements will be added to the page you're currently viewing.

To move existing content to a different page, drag the element over the desired page number at the top right of the form, or use the outline to select and drag the element to its new location.

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