WordPress Troubleshooting: curl_setopt() Error 

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When publishing your form to WordPress you may occasionally see the following error:

Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]:CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in ...plugins/wp_formassembly1/wp_formassembly.php on line 91”


This problem is caused when older WordPress sites have PHP's safe_mode enabled. This prevents the FormAssembly plugin from getting your form from FormAssembly.

This PHP setting is now deprecated and you should do one of the following:

  1. Disable Safe_mode on your server.
    (You may need to contact the server admin or your host provider in order to do this.)

  2. Upgrade to a version of WordPress that uses PHP 5.4
    (This setting does not exist in PHP 5.4 and later.)

You can find more information about this issue from WordPress, and more information about PHP safe mode here.

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