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Our WordPress Plugin makes it easy to add a FormAssembly form to a WordPress blog post or page. The plugin is compatible with most versions of WordPress running PHP 5 or above.


The FormAssembly plugin is available here.


Please refer to the WordPress documentation to learn more about installing or managing plugins
Instructions may vary depending on which version of WordPress you have. 
Once the plugin is installed, enable it in the WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins menu.

Video Tutorial

Publish Your Forms

To add your form to your WordPress page:
  1. Install our WordPress Plugin (see above).
  2. Copy the form ID. The ID can be found in the Publish page, at the end of the publicly available address (e.g., http://www.tfaforms.com/123456).
  3. Replace 123456 with the ID of your form in the shortcode.
  4. If you're a FormAssembly Enterprise customer, add the server attribute in the shortcode (see below).

Example Shortcodes

FormAssembly Professional, Premier, & Basic Plans 

[formassembly formid=123456]
FormAssembly Enterprise Cloud Edition

(Most commonly: organization.tfaforms.net)
[formassembly formid=123456 server="http://your.server.tld"]

Publish with an iframe (Inline Frame)

If you'd rather display the form in an inline frame, or if your server doesn't support the default publishing method, add the iframe attribute to your tag.  Please note that you'll also need to add the server attribute even if you're using a professional or premier plan (as shown below). 

For instance, a benefit to using an iframe would be to avoid conflicting CSS rules between the parent site and the embedded form.
[formassembly formid=123456 server="https://tfaforms.com" iframe=1]


[formassembly formid=123456 server="http://your.server.tld" iframe=1]

Publish a Workflow

[formassembly workflowid=1234]

Add Style

It is possible to add CSS to your shortcode to control the size of the form/iframe in the page. For example, you can define the width:
[formassembly formid=123456 server="https://tfaforms.com" iframe=1 style="width: 300px !important;"]


Why is my form title not showing on my site?

When a form is published with the REST API, as it is with our WordPress Plugin, it's assumed that the page will already have a title. To avoid possible duplicates, we have removed the form title.

To make the form title visible, use a Heading element from the Add ContentText & Image menu.

Why is my form not showing up at all?

Please check that the SSL settings of the form and the page to which you're publishing are the same, i.e., that both settings are enabled or that both settings are disabled.

To check the form settings, go to the Display page.

*As of August 2015, all new FormAssembly forms are SSL by default.

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