CAS Prefill Connector 

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In addition to allowing only authenticated users to access your forms, you can use the CAS Prefill Connector to automatically fill in data on your forms. When users in your organization open a form, the CAS Prefill Connector can pull attribute data from your CAS server and enter it into the form fields that you select.


To use your CAS authentication with FormAssembly, you must be on the Enterprise Edition.


You can set up the CAS Prefill Connector by following these steps:

  1. Log into your FormAssembly Enterprise account and select a form.
  2. In the Connectors page for your form, add the CAS Prefill Connector to the View section of the timeline and click Configure.
  3. Map each field from the form that you would like to receive CAS attribute data, then select the attribute that you want to prefill. Note the list of available attributes is set in the FormAssembly CAS Authenticator.

        4. Save the connector and test.

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