Salesforce Error: Cannot specify ID in an insert call 

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Create Account - Cannot specify ID in an insert call

There are two possibilities for this error.  Both Resolutions are listed below.

This issue is caused by using a URL to prefill the Account ID of the first repeatable section and expecting the Account ID to prefill into the repeatable sections whenever a respondent selects to repeat the section.

Resolution 1

To resolve this error, you'll need to either add in a prefill connector to prefill successive Account ID fields or pull the Account ID field out of the repeatable section so that the connector lookups can reference a constant field. 

Resolution 2

This can also be cause by the record ID field being mapped in the Submit Connector.  Remove the record ID mapping from the Submit Connector as you cannot map a record ID in the field mapping section on the Submit Connector.  You can use it in a lookup, but not in the field mapping. 

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