Adding and Updating Payment Methods 

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Professional, Basic, and Premier Accounts

When you first sign up for a FormAssembly account, you will be automatically given a free 14-day trial of whichever plan you have selected. Before that 14-day period is over, you will need to provide your credit card number and billing information in order for your plan to continue without being downgraded.

In order to add your payment method and information, you can follow these steps:

Hover your mouse over your username, then click on Subscription and Billing and finally click on Add Payment Information or Update Payment Information.

Note: If your account has been suspended, before you can enter your payment information you will need to change your plan. Once you have selected a plan, then you will be able to enter your payment information.

You will then be asked to update/enter your name and address for your payment information followed by your credit card information:

Essentials and Above Accounts

For accounts with Essentials plans and above, we send invoices for which a one-time credit card or check payment can be made.

Customers may update the Primary Contact information and Billing Contact information, as well as view their user quota within FormAssembly. To begin, go to the Admin Dashboard > Billing Information

Update your information, and click the Update Contact Information button to Save your changes.


For Professional, Basic, and Premier Plans: We can only accept payment with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) and no invoicing services are currently offered. You can find copies of past invoices that have been paid with your credit card on your Account and Billing page, under Invoices.

For Essentials Plans and above: We accept purchase orders and we can invoice you for an annual subscription. Please contact your Account Manager for additional details.

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