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Searching responses for each form can be tedious if you're trying to locate a certain piece of information but you're unsure of which form it may be in and you have multiple forms.


This feature is available to all customers.

How To

  1. Click Search All Reports from the left side menu of your forms list
  2. The Search All Reports page will show that will allow you to enter your search term.  
  3. Click on Additional Filter Options to filter by date and response type.
  4. When you have your search set up, click the Search All Reports button to run the search.
  5. If you need to search just by date, and do not want to include a search term, you can add an * in the search term field to search by just the date(s).  

Please Note:  Query results in the Search All Reports feature that yield less matches are more likely to be complete/concise.

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