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Drop-down menus can be linked together to help you show certain options based on your respondent's answers. The parent menu controls which subset of choices is visible in a child menu.

For instance, we have two drop-down menus: Continent (parent) and Country (child).

If Europe is chosen in the parent menu, only European countries will be visible in the child menu.

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Understanding the Difference:
Conditional Logic or Menu Dependencies


Creating Menu Dependencies

Step 1

To get started, create 2 drop-down menus

(You can also add the choices at this step, but save them for step 3 for a quicker and easier setup.)

Step 2

Once the menus are created, open the Advanced Options of the sidebar, find Menu Dependencies, and click to expand the options.

Step 3

From the Menu Dependencies options in the sidebar, click Edit Choices.

To add choices, you can type, paste, or use our CSV format option.
Add Choices

Type a word into the box and hit Enter. It's that easy! The word will be added into the child menu by default.

To move a choice into the parent or child menu, drag it to the left or to the right, respectively.

  • With multiple fields linked, modify choices by selecting the child field, then click Edit Choices. 
  • Add choices and categorize them automatically using the CSV Format option.
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