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Drop-down menus can be linked together to help you show certain options based on your respondent's answers. The parent menu controls which subset of choices is visible in a child menu.

For instance, we have two drop-down menus: Continent (parent) and Country (child).

If Europe is chosen in the parent menu, only European countries will be visible in the child menu.

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Understanding the Difference:
Conditional Logic or Menu Dependencies


Creating Menu Dependencies

Step 1

To get started, create 2 drop-down menus

(You can also add the choices at this step, but save them for step 3 for a quicker and easier setup.)

Step 2


Once the menus are created, select the child field, open the Advanced Options of the sidebar, and open the Menu Dependencies options.

Step 3

From the Menu Dependencies options in the sidebar, select the parent field.

Then click the choices button on the floating toolbar for either the parent or the child field.

Add Choices

Type a word into the box and hit Enter. It's that easy! The word will be added into the child menu by default.

To move a choice into the parent or child menu, drag it to the left or to the right, respectively.

  • With multiple fields linked, modify choices by selecting the child field, then click Edit Choices. 
  • Add choices and categorize them automatically using the CSV Format option.

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