Salesforce Error: INVALID_FIELD: No such column 

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INVALID_FIELD: No such column...

This error usually means there is an incomplete or incorrect mapping within your connector. This can be caused by trying to send data to a Salesforce field that has been deleted or modified.


1. Start by clicking on the "Get new Salesforce objects" link under the Go To menu at the top right of the connector.  

Make sure you have saved your connector before you click on this link.

2. Remap any fields that have been modified or deleted in Salesforce.  If you're not certain which field is causing the error, recheck the connector log.

In the example above, you can see that it is the "number_test__c" field that is causing the error to be thrown.  

Once you have remapped the field that is causing the issue, save your connector and try a test.  If you are still having the same issue, there may be additional fields you need to remap.


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