Registering Third Party Apps for Enterprise Admins 

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There may be times where you want to use FormAssembly's API to integrate with third party applications outside of FormAssembly. 

In order to set up an API integration, you will need to register the third party application for yourself or for your users who wish to use the app.

Before getting started, please make sure that you are familiar with FormAssembly's API


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Registering a Third Party Application for a User

In order to register a new third party app, navigate to your admin dashboardsettingsthird party apps.

From there, click Register a new application at the top.

Next, enter the application title, and save the Client ID and Client Secret that are provided.

You can also add in an optional redirect URL if you would like to. This will be used as a security filter to restrict where a client callback will take the user. More details are available in our GitHub documentation.

Finally, click apply. Provide the Client ID and Client Secret to the application developer.

Note: Any user who will be using the third party application will need to have permission enabled to use the API. This can be setup under SettingsUser Roles.
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