Error: "This response has already been processed" 

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Error: "This response has already been processed" When Submitting a Form

If your respondents are seeing the error, "This response has already been processed" there are two likely causes:

  1. The respondent has clicked reload or refresh in their browser while on the Thank You page.
  2. Your form was not published properly and a respondent is trying to submit the form.

If you are having trouble publishing your form, please contact the support team and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.  

If you are using the Wordpress plugin and receiving this error, you may have have caching enabled for the page where your form is embedded. 

You can test this by submitting a response on the form where you're seeing this error.  After your test submission, follow these instructions before hitting the back button and trying again.

Following those instructions will purge the cache.  If these instructions fix the error, then you will need to turn off caching on the pages where you have FormAssembly forms embedded. 

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