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After your respondent clicks the submit button and the form is processed, they are taken to a Thank You Page. The default message on this page is "Thank you. Your response has been processed successfully."

You may customize this message or redirect the respondent to a different web address.

Customize the Thank You Page

To configure what your respondents see after they submit a form:

  1. Go to your Forms List and Configure.
  2. The form properties panel will open on the left-hand side. Click on Notifications.
  3. Go to the Acknowledgment section at the top of the page.

Custom Message

In the text area under Either show this "thank you" message, you may use the rich text editor or the HTML editor to create a custom message for your respondents. You can also create a template with the use of aliases.

Please note that any <script> elements added to the Thank You page will automatically be removed when you click apply.  Additionally, only basic HTML and styling elements can be used here.  If your HTML code is removed or adjusted, then those elements cannot be used. 

Note: If you are embedding a form on a Salesforce Visualforce page, you may need to visit your Session Settings (under Setup) and uncheck the box that reads Hide this site's URL from other web sites (including Visualforce pages) in order for your Thank You page to be visible.

Redirect to URL

On the Notifications page, find the field ...or redirect to this page and enter the URL of the web page you'd like to redirect to after form submission.

When this option is set, you don't need to enter any text in the Thank You message field, since it will not be displayed.

You can also view this article for more information on setting up custom redirects.

Please Note:  The redirect formula has a character limit of 2,000 characters.  We are unable to increase this limit.

Redirect Based on Field Value

See our Smart Processing with Formulas document for additional details. 

Note: With checkboxes, you must use the aliases for the individual checkbox selections, instead of the checkbox question itself. 

Redirect to a FormAssembly form and prefill field values

See the Prefill Your Forms document for details.

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