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A## in Formula Output

Any time you see an alias return a response of something like "A26," it means that there was a formula passed inside of a string of numbers or letters.  Additionally, anytime you are using a combination of text and field aliases, you will need to use an @CONCATENATE in your formula, as shown below in step 3.
Note: Spaces and line breaks in the formula can cause errors.

This error most often occurs when you are attempting to prefill a form through a URL and you are also trying to use a formula that mixes text and aliases.

In order to use aliases and text strings together, you will have to use the concatenate formula to produce a correct result. Here is an example which would cause an error:


The true value of this IF statement would come out to something like this:
which would prefill a field with incorrect information.

To solve this, you need to add the concatenate formula in order to produce the correct URL. Here are steps to produce the correct outcome:
  1. Start with the IF condition
  2. Add the true outcome, with a concatenate formula.
    Concatenate formulas should have:
    • Text in quotes.
    • No quotes around aliases
    • Commas between each part.
  3. Add the false outcome, with a concatenate formula, if needed.

    An example combining multiple aliases would look like:


Integers/Numbers Being Cut Off

FormAssembly's formula engine can only handle a maximum integer/number length of 19 digits. This means if you are trying to prefill or use a formula that involves a number longer than 19 digits, it will be cut off. There is no limit for letters, only for numbers.

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