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If you make moderation approval required in the permissions of a role, any user in that role will need to request authorization to publish forms.

Requiring publishing approval provides a safeguard for new or infrequent users who are not familiar with the Form Builder. Moderation also helps your users adhere to company policies and best practices while following a formal approval process.


This feature requires a FormAssembly Enterprise plan or higher.

For information on upgrading, please get in touch with our Sales Team.

Enabling Moderation

  1. Browse to: Admin Dashboard | User Management | All Users
  2. Locate the desired user to grant moderation permission to either from the list or through search.
  3. Click Edit User
  4. Navigate to the Permission tab
  5. Expand Content Management
  6. Under Publishing Permissions, add the permission Must request publishing approval.
  7. Click Save User

Enabling Moderation (Legacy)

  1. Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | User Roles
  2. Select a role or create a new role. Learn more about roles here.
  3. Add the permission Must request publishing approval
  4. Click Apply

Moderation Related Messages

See more about managing messages.  You can customize the emails and notifications that are sent in your Admin Dashboard under Settings → Moderation.

If you are not receiving email notifications from moderation requests, you will need to go to Settings Support and enter your email address under "Support Email". 

Reviewing & Approving Forms

All Administrators may approve a form for publication. Any user in a role with the Can grant publishing approval permission enabled may approve a form for publication.

Non-administrator users do not have access to the moderation list. If a user requires publishing approval, it is the user's responsibility to provide the form’s moderation link to the moderator. The moderation link is provided in the default moderation notification.

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