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When working with FormAssembly connectors, there may be times when you need to whitelist FormAssembly IP addresses in order to be able to receive the information being passed from FormAssembly. In those cases, please whitelist the IP addresses listed below.

IP Addresses for Whitelisting

All FormAssembly plans have Trusted IPs to whitelist per the chart below. These IPs are for customers whose instances are hosted inside the US.

FormAssembly Offering
Trusted IPs
Professional, Premier, and Basic plans  
Essentials, Team, and Enterprise plans
Government plan
Contact Support 
Note: Salesforce Trusted IPs require both a start and end IP entry. When entering Salesforce Trusted IPs, enter the same IP address for the start and end IPs.

Please refer to the list below for customer instances hosted outside the US







IP Whitelisting in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

If you are running into errors when trying to validate your Client ID and Client Secret with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, you may need to ensure that FormAssembly's IP addresses have been whitelisted within your Marketing Cloud Setup.

An example of such an error would be:

Unable to validate App Keys(ClientID/ClientSecret) provided.: Unable to validate App Keys(ClientID/ClientSecret) provided, requestToken response:{"message":"Unauthorized","errorcode":1,"documentation":""}

Please ask your Salesforce Marketing Cloud administrator to follow the steps below to resolve this. 

1. Check your IP Whitelist Settings

Once your Salesforce Marketing Cloud administrator has logged into their account, they will need to navigate to AdminAccount SettingsSecurity Settings.

Once there, they should look under Username and Logins to see if "Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting) is disabled.

If this feature is enabled, then you will need to add FormAssembly's IP address ranges to that list.

2. Update your IP Login Whitelist

To add FormAssembly's IP ranges to your whitelist, you will need to navigate to SecurityLogin IP Whitelist.

Click on Create at the top left and enter the start IP address and end IP address from the list below. You will need to enter each IP.

Once you have added the Start and End IP addresses, you can add a Description to identify that this range is used for FormAssembly. You must also select API Calls from the Login Source dropdown list.  

Make sure to click Save after each range you add in.

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