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CapsuleCRM is an online CRM that helps you keep track of your customers, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when.

Capsule's standard Web-to-Lead form is limited. Here's how you can replace it with a FormAssembly form and get your leads sent automatically to CapsuleCRM.


You'll need a CapsuleCRM account and a FormAssembly Premier Plan or above.

CapsuleCRM Configuration

  1. Grab a CapsuleCRM Form Key.
  2. Log into your CapsuleCRM account and go to Settings > Integration > Website Contact Form Integration. Make a note of the Web Form Key value — we'll need it later. You can disregard the remaining instructions on that page.

    CapsuleCRM web form key

  3. Open the CapsuleCRM Contact Form template in our Form Builder. You may remove fields you don't need, or just save.
  4. Go to the HTTPS Connector setup page in the Connectors page.
  5. Drag and drop the HTTPS Connector to the Submission or Post-Submission spot on the timeline.
  6. Enter the Web Form Key (from step 1).
  7. Set the Run Mode to Enable, and save.

    CapsuleCRM web form key FormAssembly Connector

Your FormAssembly web form is now integrated with CapsuleCRM!  Any new lead submissions submitted to your FormAssembly form will automatically be sent into your CapsuleCRM account as new leads.

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