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The Go To Step allows you to direct your workflow to a previous or future step, or even to a step that is on another Path!

To add this step to your workflow, click the "Add Step" button on your Map and then select Go To Step from the dropdown menu.

You can edit or delete a step at any time by selecting it on the Map and opening the Properties panel. 

Go To Steps are most useful when used in conjunction with Conditional Steps. You can use them to redirect to any type of step, anywhere in your workflow! Combining Go To Steps with Conditional Steps allows you to conditionally move the respondent around the workflow as needed. 

Note: Adding a Go To Step ends the Path that it is on, and no additional steps can be added under it.

Properties Panel Configuration

Adding a Go To Step will automatically open the Properties panel where you can configure the step. The Properties panel for this step contains the following tabs: Description and Configure.

You can delete any step by opening the Properties panel for the step and clicking the red "Delete Step" button at the bottom. 

Description Tab

This tab handles the details of the Step itself, such as the Step Name and Step Description.

  • Step Name - This field allows you to give the step a custom name, which can help you differentiate between your steps. It has a default value of "Redirect to Another Step" until manually changed.
  • Step Description - You can use this field to add a description to your Step. 

Configure Tab

Select which step you would like to redirect the respondent to, in this tab, by selecting any step from your workflow in the "Redirect To This Step..." dropdown menu. You can also use the type-ahead input to narrow down the list of choices. This is where using custom names on all of your steps can come in handy!


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