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Access Reports

You can access your form's responses by clicking on the responses count under the title for each form.

Or click Configure > Responses.

By default, the Report opens to the form's most recent responses. At the bottom of the page, you can select to view 10, 30, or 50 responses per page.

Hide filter options 

You can filter responses with date and status options by clicking Show Filter Options.

Display Responses

Choose to show only responses that are starred or incomplete. 

  1. Expand the Show Filter Options.
  2. Check the boxes you need
  3. Hit Apply as seen above.

Define a Date Range

To view or export responses within a certain date range:

  1. Click the calendar icon to open a calendar in the to or from option.
  2. Select date(s).
  3. Click the Apply.
  4. The page will reload with the parameters you have set.

Click the X to clear the dates.  This search will be based on response creation date.

Add or Remove Columns

Use the columns button to add or remove columns from your current view.

Selecting Responses

You can select individual responses or select responses with a common status.

Delete Responses

To delete responses on the report page, select each box separately or use the toggle all box. The delete option and other will appear once a response is selected.

You can also delete a response within the response view. 

Print or View Responses

To print or view multiple responses at once, select them from the report list and click the print button shown above.

Deleted Form Fields In Response Data

If you delete a field in a form after you have already received responses for that form, a user's response to the deleted field will still show in their individual response view.

However, any reports you export will no longer show responses to the field that has been deleted.

In order to show responses to deleted fields in a response export, you will need to roll back your form to a previous revision that included the deleted field.

Aggregated View

If you'd like a more detailed view of responses, click on this button to go to Aggregated View.

This will allow you to see more information including a pie chart for your responses.  While you cannot export these graphs, in most modern browsers you can choose to print the page, and save it as a PDF.


Video Tutorial on Reports and Responses

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