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Access Reports

You can access your form's responses by clicking on the responses count under the title for each form.

Or click Configure > Responses.

By default, the Report opens to the form's most recent responses. At the bottom of the page, you can select to view 10, 30, or 50 responses per page.

Search and Filter Responses

You also have the option to search and filter your responses for viewing or before you download a report.

You can search your responses using a minimum of 4 characters across all fields in all the responses or you can search from within a specific field.  If you are searching a multi-word phrase, you will need to enclose it in quotes in the search field and search all fields rather than narrow the search to one field.

You can filter your responses further by using any combination of the following criteria: starred, unstarred, read, unread, complete, and incomplete. Additionally, you can filter by a specific date range as well.

Once you have set your search and/or filter settings, click Apply All Filter Options and the settings will be processed. From here, you can view your responses or choose to download a report with the newly applied settings. In forms where the response creation and submission date are not the same date, the "To" and "From" search filters will filter based upon creation date.

Note: If you do not view your search query in the returned responses, click Edit Table Columns to display the specific field you searched within on the report.

If you are an enterprise user, you will need to make sure the Allow user to perform searches over their response data permission is checked under Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> User Roles.

Search is available to all Professional, Premier and Enterprise users.  The feature can be used on all responses that have been indexed, which is currently the default for all new responses submitted. Responses received before 2017 will need to be manually indexed.

Note: Responses will always be ordered chronologically by the submit date within the report view.  In order to change how your responses are ordered, you will need to export them.

Hide filter options 

You can filter responses with date and status options by clicking Show Filter Options.

Edit Table Columns

When viewing your response report you can choose to view all response fields or select only specific fields to view. To begin, click the Edit Table Columns button on the left-hand side of the page:

From there, you'll be able to select which fields (columns) you would like to view and reorder the fields by using the 3 bars on the right. The settings you select here will also be applied to any reports that you download.

Selection Options

Above your response data, you can use the checkbox dropdown menu to select specific responses:

From this menu, you have the option of selecting your read, unread, starred, unstarred, complete, or incomplete responses. Once those responses have been selected you can then choose to print, delete, or mark them all as read.

Note: If you choose to print your selected responses, you will have the same viewing options mentioned above (Standard, Compact, and Verbose)

Additional Filter Options

Choose to show only responses that are starred or incomplete. 

  1. Expand the Additional Filter Options.
  2. Check the boxes you need
  3. Hit Apply as seen above.

Filter by a Specific Date Range

To view or export responses within a certain date range:

  1. Expand the Additional Filter Options.
  2. Enter a date or click the calendar icon to select a date for the from and to options.
  3. Click the Apply All Filter Options.

To remove the filters, click the X icon to the right of each filter field to clear it.  This search will be based on response creation date.

Add or Remove Columns

Use the columns button to add or remove columns from your current view.

Selecting Responses

You can select individual responses or select responses with a common status.

Delete Responses

To delete responses on the report page, select each box separately or use the toggle all box. The delete option and other will appear once a response is selected.

You can also delete a response within the response view. 

Print or View Responses

To print or view multiple responses at once, select them from the report list and click the print button shown above.

Deleted Form Fields In Response Data

If you delete a field in a form after you have already received responses for that form, a user's response to the deleted field will still show in their individual response view.

However, any reports you export will no longer show responses to the field that has been deleted.

In order to show responses to deleted fields in a response export, you will need to roll back your form to a previous revision that included the deleted field.

Aggregated View

If you'd like a more detailed view of responses, click on this button to go to Aggregated View.

This will allow you to see more information for your responses.  

You can download this chart as a PNG or JPEG file by clicking on Download as...   

Video Tutorial on Reports and Responses

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