Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) Email Verification 

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To increase security, any FormAssembly user accessing their account through Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) must complete an email verification process.

This process is designed to ensure the security of your account so that only you can access your FormAssembly data from within your Salesforce instance.

Please follow the steps below to verify your account. This is a one-time verification process, and once you have completed the verification you will not be asked to do it again.

Email Verification

Beginning December 13th, 2017, all FormAssembly users who are using the SSO feature through Salesforce will receive a request to verify their account the next time they attempt to access FormAssembly from within Salesforce.

Once you try to access FormAssembly through Salesforce, a screen will appear asking you to verify your account. You can do this by clicking on the link in the email you received or by copying and pasting the code you received into the verification box.

Please note that the email will also contain an expiration timestamp. You must use the verification link or code by that time, otherwise, you will need to refresh the tab in Salesforce in order to receive a new email.

If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If your verification email is not in your spam folder, please contact our support team.

Note: Please do not refresh the FormAssembly tab in Salesforce, as this will re-trigger the verification process and send a new confirmation code. If you do refresh the FormAssembly tab, please make sure that you verify your account with the most recent verification code that you received.

Once you have completed the verification process, you will be ready to begin or continue using FormAssembly through Salesforce SSO.


If you run into the error shown below, your FormAssembly account is already linked to a different Salesforce account. You can contact our support team to help you resolve this issue.

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