Transitioning to a New FormAssembly Administrator 

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This guide will help you transition when you change FormAssembly Administrators. 


For information on upgrading, please contact our Sales Department at

Individual Account

Are you transferring your FormAssembly Administrator account to the new Administrator, or are you creating a new account?

You can transfer your account if your account has a lot of forms and the new Admin will manage the same forms. To transfer your account, update the contact username and contact email to the new Administrator’s email.

If you create a new account, you will need to move all active forms (i.e., forms you do not want deleted) out of your account before your account is disabled. See the Administrator Guide for how to transfer forms.


Most connectors require authentication to another service. You will need to replace the authentications linked to the individual leaving.


Are the connector’s credentials using your Salesforce profile?

If yes, change the credentials to the profile of the new FormAssembly Admin or a Salesforce API user. Once re-authenticated, if new user has the same schema and permissions, everything should work properly. Once your Salesforce profile is disabled, the forms still linked to your Salesforce profile will no longer integrate with Salesforce.

Point of Contact (POC) to FormAssembly

The FormAssembly POC is the designated person for your organization who will have contact with the FormAssembly team. We'll contact the POC about any issues. Make sure all contact and billing details are up-to-date.

Support Process for FormAssembly

When your FormAssembly instance is created, FormAssembly's Help Team will be set as the contact for the chat and email.

Which method of supporting your FormAssembly users has your organization adopted? 

Your support form’s email notifications are directed internally or externally.

  • Internal Support – The questions are directed to a FormAssembly Administrator of your organization.
  • External Support – The questions are directed to the FormAssembly support team.

Downtime and Processing Errors

If you would like to be notified of Downtime and Processing errors, please click on General Settings and then scroll down to Downtime and Processing Errors.  Check the box beside Notify me of any downtime or processing error regarding my forms and click Apply.

Downtime and processing errors will be sent to the support email specified in your account.  If you'd like to update this email or see which email is listed:  

  1. Click on Admin Dashboard 
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Click General 
  4. The email listed under Administrator in the Support Email box is the email these notifications will be sent to.

FormAssembly Resources

FormAssembly Documentation Information on form building, form processing, and integrations. FormAssembly Administrator’s Guide Details on managing users, forms, and FormAssembly.

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