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Predefined content are commonly used elements that you can save for use in the Form Builder.

A number of predefined elements are available by default, such as Countries and US States. This list is customizable and can include your own commonly used elements.

Add Predefined Content

To add predefined content to your form, click on Add Content → More... and click or drag the desired element.  You will also see a description of the predefined content to the right of any choice you hover over. 

Save Predefined Content

Any element in your form can be added to the More... menu for future use.

If you've created a question or section that you think you'll want to use later in a different form, click the element to open the editing toolbar, then click Options to open the sidebar.

At the bottom of the sidebar, click Add to predefined content. Choose a name for your new element, provide an optional category, as well as an optional description, and click Save.

This element will now be available in the Add Content menu. 

Delete Predefined Content

To delete the content that you've created, click More... → Manage Elements. Find and delete the content in the list that appears.

Tip: You can also save an updated version from the one you want to delete.

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