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When set to Enabled (and located in the Form Submitted step of the timeline), the Salesforce connector will populate aliases for use in server side formulas, such as the Thank You page displayed when respondents complete a form.  

The Object Alias can also be useful if you would like to pass an ID value to a redirect link in order to pass that ID on to another form. 


The format of these aliases is %%SFA_OBJECT%% where OBJECT should be replaced with the record type being created in Salesforce, and will contain the Salesforce object's RecordId. Note that the object name should be in all caps as seen in the example alias.

For example, assuming the creation of a Lead object in the Salesforce connector, the alias would be named %%SFA_LEAD%%.

This alias could be included in a Thank You URL, such as:


and would direct the respondent on response completion to:


For custom objects, use all caps and a double underscore after the object name and before the "c." It will look something like %%SFA_SURVEY__C%%.

Commonly used Object Aliases:

  • %%SFA_LEAD%%

Please Note: You may see an error in the field editor when using an object alias. We are working to fix this issue.

Why is my Object Alias not working?

Here are a few things to check for:

  • The connector must be in Interactive or Submission Mode.
  • If it is for a custom object, be sure there are two underscores before the "c," i.e., %%SFA_SURVEY__C%%.
  • Make sure it is for an Update or Create. If it is on a Lookup, change it to an Update and do not map any fields.
  • If you are using the object alias in a nested IF statement, you will need to use a concatenate formula to avoid receiving an error similar to "A##". 

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