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Please Note: This feature is being slowly rolled out to our customers with Enterprise plans and above. If you have one of these plans and do not see this feature yet, you will receive it in the coming weeks.


Thanks to FormAssembly Workflow, forms are no longer single-purpose data collection tools. A single form can be used in numerous workflows to further countless customer journeys. As an individual piece of multiple data collection puzzles, the data collected on a single form won't be enough to give you a full picture of your response data. This is where Workflow Responses come into play.

Workflow Responses show the data that has been collected by your workflows in their entirety. By using Workflow Responses, you will be able to review and take action on your collected data.

Workflow Responses List

The Workflow Responses List provides an overview of the responses collected from your selected workflow. On this page, you can quickly check that your workflows are being completed as well as the current step of each Workflow Response. To open your Workflow Responses page and view the Workflow Responses List, you can open the Workflow List and hover over the menu next to the workflow of your choice.

You can also navigate to the Workflow Responses List while in the Workflow Builder by clicking on the "Responses" option from the menu on the left.

You will then be able to view a list of complete and incomplete responses to your workflow.

Complete and In Progress Responses

A response that has been completed will show a green check mark icon on the left-hand side of the Responses List. Additionally, a date and time will be shown under "Completed" and"Current Step" will be noted as “Complete”.

A response which is currently in progress will be denoted by a yellow clock icon and the “Current Step” will show the currently in progress Workflow Step. 

Workflow Response Records

By clicking on the "View" button next to any Workflow Response, you'll be able to open the Workflow Response Record to view additional data. 

This data is separated into two distinct sections: metadata and steps. 


The Response metadata will be shown at the top of the record. This includes information such as, Response Status, Current Step, Date Started, Workflow Response ID, Workflow ID, and Referrer URL.


Each step in the Workflow will be shown as a card below the metadata section. The status of each step in the Workflow will be shown. Blue indicates the Step has been completed, yellow indicates a step which is still in progress.

You can click the "View Response" link on any step to expand the Response Card. This will display additional response details such as the status and duration of the specific step and the data collected by the form step for this response. If E-Signatures have been enabled for this step, it will also display an image of the E-Signature, a link to the E-Signature record, and will note whether the E-Signature record has a status of Sealed or Not Sealed. 

Additional response actions and the full report are still housed in the Responses Page on the form at this time and any reprocessing, reopening, or reporting will take place there. 

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