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Quick Start Guide
Form Building Process Building a form can be a long and very involved process, but we're here to help!  Below is an outline to help you through the form building process, including configuring connectors, testing, and publ...
Create your First Form
Doing something the long way is so fulfilling! You get to learn a lot along the way and feel good about accomplishing a task. But sometimes you just don't have the time for it — and that's okay! FormAssembly has ways to help you s...
 Form Building 101
The Form Builder Add content to your form, such as questions , images , and text . Your form building canvas. This is where you'll build your form. Save! Next to the Save button, you'll also see Undo ...
 Create a Form for Multiple Audiences
Creating multiple forms for different groups or audiences can often become challenging and difficult to manage. You end up with multiple connectors to maintain, multiple links to send out, and notifications to keep track of for each differe...
 Best Practices for User Friendly Forms
Introduction A well-designed form is a lot like a conversation. You're asking your users for information and you want them to submit their responses. However, designing a user friendly form can be tricky business. Knowing what m...
 Best Practices in Web Form Security
Introduction When you create a web form, your respondent's trust and security should be your number one concern. To help you build trust and boost security, the FormAssembly team conducted a class outlining the most important ...
Preview, Save, & Publish
Preview To see your form from the respondent's perspective right inside the Form Builder, click View  →  Preview . This is a great way to test your form quickly and check out features like input validation or conditional ...
Recover an unsaved version If you've had to exit the form builder without saving, you may be able to recover the unsaved version. The next time you open that form in the Form Builder, it will ask you if you would like to restore the unsaved...
Using JavaScript on a Form and Within Calculations
Learn how to add custom JavaScript to your form.
Mobile Responsiveness Tips
Mobile Responsiveness Tips Forms, fields, and sections can now better adapt to the screen size of the viewing device. This includes dropdown fields with very long choices, as well as improved responsiveness when using a matrix. Update you...
Dataset List
Managing Datasets The Dataset List makes it easy to manage datasets you've imported to use with our Autosuggest feature . Datasets are useful when you want users to be able to choose from lists of options to long for a dropdown menu. To ...
Why is My Form Under Moderation?
Learn about FormAssembly moderation processes and why your form might be under moderation.
 Use Case: Require Only a Certain Number of Checkboxes
Learn how to limit the number of checkboxes a respondent can check in a form.
 Add Discount Codes to your Form
Learn how to add percent-based and dollar-based discount codes into your form.
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