Using the Form Builder

Add & Edit Content

You can add fields, pages, paragraphs, and more to your form.

Form Layout

Organize and control the layout of your form with these options.

Field Options

These options are available through the blue options button in the form builder.


Create your First Form
Doing something the long way is so fulfilling! You get to learn a lot along the way and feel good about accomplishing a task. But sometimes you just don't have the time for it — and that's okay! FormAssembly has ways to help you speed ...
Form Builder Version
I've been notified that a new Form Builder version is available. What does that mean? We regularly update the Form Builder to address issues and add new features. Sometimes, we decide to release an update as an official new version . A new ...
Why is My Form Under Moderation?
Learn about FormAssembly moderation processes and why your form might be under moderation.
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