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ScheduleOnce is an "end-to-end solution for scheduling with prospects and customers through all phases of the customer lifecycle." They offer connections to all major calendar services, and also integrate with most major CRMs, including Salesforce.

With FormAssembly, you can create a form that will automatically redirect your respondents to ScheduleOnce upon completion, and pass along submission information or Salesforce record IDs in the process.

This means that you can use your FormAssembly form to send information through all of our integrations, in addition to being able to let your respondents easily setup bookings through ScheduleOnce.

For those interested, you can also read more about this type of integration in the ScheduleOnce documentation.  Please see our video tutorial below for a detailed walkthrough of this process.

Getting Started

If you are not already familiar with FormAssembly redirect links, we recommend starting with this video tutorial.  You will be working with redirect links to setup this integration. 

In general, you will be using the FormAssembly redirect link to pass form submission information to ScheduleOnce. We'll also look at how you can pass a Salesforce record ID to ScheduleOnce, so that ScheduleOnce can pull in information to the booking based on the record ID. 

Before setting up this integration, make sure you have completed building the form you will be using to pass information along to ScheduleOnce.

You will also need to be logged into your ScheduleOnce account, and if you are planning on working with Salesforce, you will need to have the ScheduleOnce Salesforce integration completely setup

Setting up Your Redirect Link to Pass URL Parameters

For this first example, we will discuss how you can use your redirect link to pass along the respondent's name and email through the URL to the ScheduleOnce booking. 

More details on this process are included in the video tutorial below

1. To begin, navigate to your ScheduleOnce account, go to the Share & Publish page, and select the booking you will be working with.

2. At the top of the Share & Publish page, you will need to select which method you will be using. 

When integrating with FormAssembly, you will need to use the Link method, as opposed to the Website embed or Website button method.  Both the Website embed and Website button methods do not integrate with our thank you page setup. 

3. After selecting the Link option, you will be able to copy your redirect link from the "Copy Link" step.  It will look similar to this:

4. Next, you will need to replace the "ADD_DYNAMIC_FIELD" parts of the link with the field aliases from you form that represent the name and email fields.  You can add these aliases using our field editor. If you are unfamiliar with aliases, please see the video tutorial below for more information.

5. After you have replaced the "ADD_DYNAMIC_FIELD" parts of the link with FormAssembly aliases, you are ready to paste your link into the redirect link portion of the form's notification page.  Your final link will be similar to this:
Please Note: You can remove the &skip=1 at the end of the URL if would not like your respondents to skip the booking form. In general, adding &skip=1 to the end makes for a faster booking process, since respondents will not need to interact with the booking form.

Setting up your Redirect Link to Pass a Salesforce Record ID

Rather than passing a name and email through the URL, you can also choose to pass a Salesforce Lead ID, Contact ID, or Case ID.  This information can then be used to connect the ScheduleOnce booking to a Salesforce Record. 

If this is your first time working with this integration, we recommend following along with the video tutorial below.

Prior to setting this integration up, you will need to have connected Salesforce to your ScheduleOnce account as well. 

Additionally, you will need to have a Salesforce connector setup and enabled within FormAssembly with either a Lead, Case, or Contact being created/updated.   This connector will need to be added to the Form Submitted portion of the connector timeline. 

1. Go to the Share & Publish page within your ScheduleOnce account.

2. Choose the Link option at the top.  As noted above, the Website embed and Website button methods do not integrate with FormAssembly's thank you page.

3. Under the Customer Data step choose Personalized Link (Salesforce ID).  And then you will have the option to either skip the booking form (recommended for a faster experience) or prepopulate the booking form (recommended if you want respondents to confirm their information). 

4.  Next, copy the link that is provided under the Copy Link step.  It will look similar to this:{!Lead.Id}&sosfContactId={!Contact.Id}&sosfCaseId={!Case.Id}

5. Once you have your link copied, you will need to replace either the {!Lead.Id}, {Contact.Id}, or {!Case.Id} with the Salesforce Object Alias

This will be either %%SFA_LEAD%%, %%SFA_CONTACT%%, or %%SFA_CASE%% depending on which record ID you are wanting to pass to ScheduleOnce.  You can leave the remainder IDs as they are in the link.

For example, if you had your FormAssembly Salesforce connector set to create a new Lead every time the form was submitted, and you wanted to pass that Lead ID on to ScheduleOnce, your link would look like this:{!Contact.Id}&sosfCaseId={!Case.Id}

Where the {!Lead.Id} is replaced by %%SFA_LEAD%% and the {!Contact.Id} and {!Case.Id} left as they are.  By leaving the {!Contact.Id} and {!Case.Id} they will simply not pass along any values, and ScheduleOnce will use the Lead ID that is passed to lookup the Salesforce record. 

6. Once you have your link created, paste it into the redirect field on your notifications page, click apply at the bottom, and you're all set!

Video Tutorial

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