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Doing something the long way is so fulfilling! You get to learn a lot along the way and feel good about accomplishing a task. But sometimes you just don't have the time for it — and that's okay! FormAssembly has ways to help you speed up your form building process. 

Read our Best Practices documentation

We recommend reading through our Best Practices in Form Building document to learn more about our recommended practices when building your forms.

Create your first form from scratch

Use our Form Builder to add custom fields to your form. Click New Form to get started. We have a handy walkthrough to take you through the most common needs your first time in! Watch our video Form Building in 8 minutes.

Check out our Template Library 

We have many forms that have field validations and integrations set up already. They are just waiting for you to make a few changes! Visit the library.

Import your form directly from Salesforce

Quick and easy. FormAssembly builds the first draft of your form and connector after you select which objects and fields you need on your form. Just style your form and test!  Learn more.

Form Building Shortcuts

Predefined Content 

We've already done some work for you! In Add Content > More, you'll find commonly used groups of fields like addresses, payment details, or contact information. Here's more about it!

Clone an Existing Form

Need a form similar to one you already have? Copying a form easy and it only takes a second. Need more details? Here they are!

5 Shortcuts to Save Time

Check out this great blog post for some tips!

Sample Form Building Process

There can be a lot to do between building a form and setting it live. This page can help you through it!

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