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You can export your data at any time by going to the Responses page and choosing Download as.

In the drop-down menu, select the file type that you would like to download.

Define what to Export

You can choose which data to export in the report by expanding Show Filter Options and selecting a date range and your choice of status. Learn More.

Export Formats


CSV stands for Comma-Separated-Value. This is a plain text format compatible with many desktop applications, including Microsoft Excel. The file contains one line per response, and one question per column.

CSV Export

Note that the file uses the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding. If you run into some issues opening the file in Excel, please check out the troubleshooting section.


This is a machine-readable format, most often used when custom development is needed to import the data in a third-party application.


This format exports all the files that have been uploaded with your form, in one or more ZIP files.

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