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Disclaimer: This article describes a use case provided by a FormAssembly user. FormAssembly is unable to guarantee the behavior of 3rd-party applications.


This article describes how to create an integration with Zapier and FormAssembly. Note that to publish your Zap, it is required that you have the Starter plan.



First, you'll want to open a free trial of Zapier and the end application you seek to connect to. For this example, we will be connecting to Act! CRM.

Once inside your Zapier account, create a new Zap and give it a name.

Connecting FormAssembly to Zapier

  1. Create a Trigger
  2. Choose an App Event: Webhooks by Zapier
  3. Choose an Event: Catch Hooks
  4. Continue to Setup Trigger 
    • Skip this setup section and click Continue
  5. Continue to Test Trigger 
    • Here you will see your Webhook URL. Grab this link and add it to the Remote Script URL field of the HTTPS Connector.
    • Keep the HTTPS Request method as POST
    • Submit a test of your FormAssembly Form. The test information should be displayed right below.
  6. Click Continue; This completes the Trigger step

Connect Zapier to an Application

In this example, we will be connecting to Act!

  1. Add an Action
  2. Select the app you want to connect to
    • For this example, select Act!
  3. Select an event to trigger within Act!
    • For this example, select Add Contact
  4. Sign into your Act! account
  5. Continue onto Set Up Action
    • Click on the field you want to map to Act! Fields from your form should automatically be showcased. 
    • Map the fields you want to transfer to the application, using 1:1 mapping.
  6. Continue onto Test Action
    • The test data should display correct mapping before Publishing
  7. Select Retest and Review
  8. Check your Application (Act!) to see that the information (contact) came through
  9. Once you see the information, go ahead and Publish your Zap!
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