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You can customize messages to users and respondents throughout FormAssembly.  


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Default "Thank You" Message

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Form Settings

This is the default "Thank You" message that will appear after each form submission, if no message is otherwise configured for the form. You may edit this message.

Save and Resume Messages

  • Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Saving and Resuming

The Save and Resume option uses eight predefined messages to acknowledge the saving of a respondent’s form submission, or response. You can customize these messages for your particular audience. The messages are:

  • Saved Response Password Strength*
  • Saved Response Confirmation
  • Save Email Subject
  • Save Email Body
  • Reminder Email Subject Reminder Email Body
  • Reset Password Email Subject Reset Password Email Body

* Saved Response Password Strength offers the choice of three settings: low (password not empty), medium (at least 4 characters, 1 letter, and 1 number), and high (at least 8 characters, 1 letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol). These options are available to support your organization’s security policies regarding passwords.

Please note: The email sent out with the Save & Resume feature will be sent from the email address you have on file under your contact information, unless the Autoresponder is set up for the form, in which case that email address will be used. 

Moderation Related Messages

Browse to: Admin Dashboard | Settings | Moderation

When a user saves a new form, and that user's permissions are set to enforce moderation approval, the user will be informed that publishing approval is required. This message, as well as other moderation-related messages, can be customized to better reflect your organization’s approval process.

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