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When creating a multi-page form, a progress bar can be added to the respondent’s view to visually represent the percentage of the form that has been completed as they progress. This will help to reduce drop-off rates and improve the total completed forms rate. 

The progress bar can be added to multi-page forms and will display as a percentage based on the number of completed required fields


  • Progress bars can only be added to forms with multiple pages
  • At least one required field is needed to add a progress bar to a form. 

Setting Up a Progress Bar

  1. Open a multi-page form, or create a new form with multiple pages. 
  2. Make sure the form has at least one required field. The progress bar's completion percentage will increase as form pages containing required fields are completed
  3. At the top of the Form Builder, select Properties
  4. Expand the Layout section.
  5. Toggle the Progress Bar option.
  6. A preview of the progress bar will appear in your Form Builder.
  7. Save your form. 

Important Notes

  • The progress bar will increase based on the number of completed required fields. Completion of a non-required field will not increase the progress bar. The increase in completion will be shown as the respondent proceeds through the form, updating with each "Next Page" button clicked. 
  • For forms with public themes applied, the progress bar button and text colors will adopt the same colors used for the theme’s submit button (color and text color).
  • If you would like to customize your progress bar, you can use the "Progress bar text color" and "Progress bar color" options in the Theme Editor.
  • If the progress bar customization options do not appear, the following custom CSS can be used to trigger the color pickers:
    • /* Apply colors to progress bar */ 
      $color-progress-bar-text-color: #b71717;
      $color-progress-bar-color: #000000; 
      .wfProgressBar {
          color: $color-progress-bar-text-color;
          background-color: $color-progress-bar-color; 

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