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With the latest version of the Theme Builder, you can style the entire form.  However, custom code will be required to update specific elements in your form.  

On the Custom CSS help document, you will see the following code:

<style type="text/css">

#element_id {
color: blue;
font-size: 110%;


This code will allow you to style a specific element in your form.  You will need to look up the FormAssembly ID (also known as field name or alias) for the element, then replace #element_id with the FormAssembly ID, e.g., #tfa_55. You can also find more IDs in the HTML code of your form. The above code will change the element's text (not the field label) color to blue and increase the font to 110% of its original size.

Note:  If you are using Form Builder 5.0, field aliases will display next to each field name in the Outline view

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