Resend Response through a Connector 

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Resending Responses from the Connector Log

Some connectors, such as Salesforce, process data upon form submission and allow you to resend data from the log.

If the connector was enabled when the form was submitted, you may resend a response from within the connector log.

Salesforce Scheduled Maintenance

When Salesforce is down for maintenance, they do not accept submissions. Responses must be submitted manually from within FormAssembly by using the resend option in the connector log or by reprocessing the responses.

Resending Responses from when the Connector was Disabled

To resend a response that was submitted while the connector was disabled, follow these steps:

1. Open the Responses page for your form.

2. View the response you want to resend. 

3. Click Reprocess at the top of the page. 

This will send the response through all finalization processes, including the connector.  Email notifications will be sent to you as an Admin, but will not be resent to the respondent. You can learn more about reprocessing responses here

Please Note: It is not possible to resend responses that involve a credit card payment. The credit card number is not stored for a second use.

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