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If you are interested in additional validation and autocomplete possibilities to your form, then Loqate (formerly Postcode Anywhere) is a great add-on to consider.

With Loqate you can validate and autocomplete addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. To set up this integration, you will first need a Loqate account.

Please note that this integration is setup on a form by form basis.  

Loqate Setup

Please complete the following steps in the order that they are presented:
  1. Build a form. 
    • Make sure you have added email, address, and/or phone number fields to the form.
  2. Within the form builder, click Publish on the left menu to find the public link to your form. 
    • It will look something like the following: https://www.tfaforms.com/XXXXXX
  3. Copy your form's published link.
  4. Open Loqate in a new browser tab and log in: https://www.loqate.com/
  5. Click “Add a service” →  “Start Setup” →  “Website” and enter in your form’s public URL from step 2 above. Then click “Next.”
  6. This should bring you to a page with a “Copy code button.” Copy the code.
  7. Navigate back to the FormAssembly form tab and paste the Loqate code in your custom code box within Properties → Custom Code. 
  8. Make sure to Save.
  9. Now go back to the Loqate tab and click on the green “Launch In-Page setup” button.
  10. Once Loqate has connected to your form, you will see the validation options available. Choose one. 
  11. This should bring up a page with field mapping configuration. 
  12.  Configure the field mappings of your form and you’re ready to test!
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